Friday, April 3, 2009

I have a dream!

"I have a dream"

First and above all: I have a wonderful family!I feel blessed because of that and also because of all the great friends that I have!

Professionally, I run my own Consultancy and Training Company (Quatitude) for over 8 years and I love what I do.

One of the things that surely gives me more pleasure is to be able to help others become better both as human beings and also at what they do (Social Contribution).

This is one of the reasons why late in 2008 I also joined 4life (my special thanks to my friend Carlos Rocha who didn't know me at the time, 31st of OCtober 2008, and ran up the stairs to offer me this wonderful opportunity)!
This company is simply AMAZING in my opinion.
4Life's mission is: "Togheter, Building people"!
4Life is a multimillion dollar, multinational company - but it's got a small company feel. "Together, Building People" is really what it's all about at 4Life.
I mean, I’m able to help others maintain great health (costumers) and become wealthier (those friends who decide to join the business through me and my own 4life business website and I still make money with it.
What a great feeling I have when they tell me about the results they’re having with the products or the money they’re making with the business! Or both!

I consider myself as a DREAMER!
So, I wrote my dream down in 2008: I dream of achieving financial freedom by December 2010!
WOW, what a major task that is!Some might think, well that doesn’t look the most appropriate goal for someone who says he likes to help others become better each day (there’s a misconception that if you're a Millionaire you must have done something to harm someone…well, not necessarily in my opinion).
First of all, when you achieve financial freedom it is great to have all the money. Sure it is!But money comes and goes (more easily than we all think).One very important aspect is the person I’ll have to become in the process (Personal Development) to reach that dream!And once I reach it, I'll have the confidence that I can do it again if necessary.Also, I’ll be helping thousands of people around the World and along the way (Social Contribution)...and there's no money in the World that can pay for that satisfaction!

1st - Personal Development;
2nd - Social Contribution;
3rd and last - Financial Fredoom will come as a result.


JC Loureiro

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  1. Hello Friend, José Carlos.
    in fact it is great that your story to change in your life and how the leader you got carlos rocha in the stairway Êxito.Foi in fact the exact time and right place to walk your financial freedom, these are my words to reality short term and I can hug ... confraternizar contigo.Grande to our success in 4life.Jorge Ramos