Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Magical moment in my life

Something truly magical happened in my life on October 31st 2008!

I go on business to the city of Porto (northern Portugal ), once every Quarter.
During those business trips I have to stay there for a full week and that last week of October 2008 was one of those occasions.

That day, as I was going up the escalator in a shopping mall, I heard some turmoil. I honestly didn’t pay any attention to it but as I got closer to the top of the escalator I noticed that the yelling was coming in my direction.
I looked back and there was this guy running up the stairs and pointing at me.
“WOW! What’s going on?” – I thought to myself.
I decided to wait to see what he wanted.
He approached and introduced himself as Carlos Rocha, “the European leader of a tremendous business opportunity” that he would like to present to me.
He tells me he was watching people walking by in the mall and when he saw me walking by he immediately thought I was the leader he was looking for in Portugal.
“WOW again”!!!
I was blown away by this and stepped back as it was far too strange of a situation to me.
I tried to send him away but he kept on insisting…finally he proposed to buy me lunch and in return all I had to do was listen to him.
Well, we all know there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”…so I hesitated but ended up accepting (I like to keep my options open and, at least, listen…on top of that, what did I have to lose?).

We ended up spending two and a half hours on that lunch and while I was eating Carlos Rocha was explaining to me in detail the business opportunity. I was paying attention both to his written and detailed explanation as well as his expressions and behavior (we can all agree that, in most cases, by paying attention at a person’s expressions we can detect if the person is being honest or not…so I was observing him all the time looking for signs…).
One thing was clear to me that day: I didn’t know this guy but it was obvious to me that he surely is a dreamer, very enthusiastic, humble and with a “service” heart (he genuinely seemed interested in helping me and other people).
I told them after he was done that this was like taking a “cold shower”!
I was really blown away by all (Company, Company Management, Products, INT and INT Leadership) that he explained to me but still didn’t say “yes” immediately and asked him for a few days to think about it.
He agreed (that also surprised me I as I was expecting to be “pushed” to sign up and join 4Life…but wasn’t) and gave me some material (brochures, CD’s, DVD’s, business card…) for me to check out.

I was really excited with what I was presented!
I got home in no time (despite de 300km distance from home), checked it all out, went on Google to check some additional stuff and was, once again, blown away by everything I was finding out.

I decided to take the opportunity and it’s been a great journey so far!!!
Today, I thank God for leading this opportunity into my life. I was really looking for a change but didn’t know exactly what. God “showed me the light”.
I thank Carlos Rocha for inviting me in such an unusual way, trusting me to be “the one in Portugal” without even knowing me and also for being such a tremendous and inspirational leader to me and the entire INT team in Portugal.

I thank all the friends that trusted me and jumped on this great business opportunity right away.
I thank all the new friends I’ve be making in 4Life for trusting common friends and also joining. We’ve all grown a lot and some of them are becoming tremendous leaders. I learn something new from them every day.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my family (wife Cristina, my daughter Mariana and my son Tomás) for always being there for me, for their support, understanding and patience. They make this dream possible for me!

I feel that:
This is truly a unique project!
This is a project of a lifetime for me!
This is where my dreams will come true!

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