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The 7 reasons "why 4Life?"

I strongly believe that 4Life is, by far, the best and most simple opportunity out there for any person in the world to fulfill their dreams.
This is the perfect opportunity for those who have a purpose in life, something truly great to fight for, a dream to fulfill!!!
These are the 7 reasons why I believe 4Life is the perfect opportunity for anyone to fulfill their dreams:

1. Market trend & Business Model
4Life is positioned in the Wellness Industry.
The Wellness Industry is clearly “the trend” of this decade and it will continue to be so for, at least, the next 15 to 20 years.

Why is that?
Simple…because “baby boomers” have been setting the Global trends for the past decades: baby food in the 50’s, fast food in the 60’s, the automobile industry in the 70’s, Real Estate in the 80’s, PC’s, the Internet and later on Telecommunications in the 90’s and this decade the Wellness Industry as “Baby Boomers” are now in their 40’s and their 50’s and they want to preserve what they value most (their youth and their health).
The numbers will climb as “Baby Boomers” age!

According to Guru economist Paul Zane Pilzer “by the year 2010, an additional $1 Trillion ANNUALY of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the “Wellness Industry””.
4Life is not only is positioned in the hottest Global Market trend there is currently in the World but it also uses a modern Business Model based on Network Marketing, a proven Business Model that exists for more than 50 years now with proven success.
Minimum investment, no need for publicity, no stocks, no employees, no territorial limitations, income is unlimited, income is residual (meaning it is not associated to the number of hours you work but, instead, it depends on you doing things right) are the clear advantages of Network Marketing over Traditional Businesses (like we know them since the Industrial revolution).

When something is “fashionable” it comes and goes…when something is a trend, it is here to stay for a long, long time! Those who capture the vision are very successful!!!

2. 4Life’s Credibility (a solid past, present and future)
When looking at 4Life’s background let’s consider this:
Around 90% of new MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies go out of business within their first 2 years. After 5 years and from the remaining 10%, only 3% will still be there and only less than 1% will be a MultiMillion Dollar MLM company after their 10th anniversary.
That’s what 4Life is today: a MultiMillion Dollar company who’s been around for 11 successful years!

Recently (July 2009), 4Life had its best month ever in terms of sales!
That speaks for itself.

There’s been a tremendous evolution in the products since 4Life was founded 11 years ago and new successful products are being launched every year.
4Life is a consolidated company currently present in 40 countries around the World and continuously expanding into new ones.

With thousands of new MLM companies being founded every year and an estimated 50.000 new people joining this industry every week, it is critical that we select a consolidated company based on a proven track record, present results and great vision for the future.
4Life is the one!!!

3. INT (International Networkers Team) – The best&biggest MLM team in the World
4Life has the necessary foundations, the vision and, above all, the best leadership!

David and Bianca Lisonbee (4Life founders) are people with great vision!

On top of that, we have Dr. Hermínio Nevarez (founder of INT: International Networkers Team) as a mentor, a man with a true vision, the most visionary of all leaders! The best of all!!!

(Pictured: Dr. Hermínio Nevarez and his wife Yadira Olivo)

I have the privilege of having as a Sponsor, Mentor and Father in this business a great person and a tremendous leader called Carlos Rocha.
Carlos will surely be the next Distributor at 4Life to reach the maximum level in terms of Company recognition: Platinum International Diamond!
He’s a humble leader with great vision, enormous passion, tremendous knowledge about this Industry and 4Life in particular and…he's a friend. A friend who’s always there ready to help me and my organization achieve success.
Having Carlos “Hurricane” Rocha as my “father” in the business and Dr. Hermínio Nevarez as the “Grandfather” is truly a blessing for me and my whole organization around the World!

(Pictured: Carlos Rocha)

Our team, INT, is constituted by more than 250.000 people around the World.
We are a large group of experienced Network Marketing Professionals ready to help those who have the desire to succeed to do so!
We are truly a big family!

INT also has the best Educational System in the MLM industry!
Regardless of a person’s background, anyone who’s got a dream, something big to fight for, can achieve Financial Independence between 2 to 5 years following INT’s Educational System created by our leader Dr. Hermínio Nevarez.
It’s by using the Educational System that people from different professional backgrounds grow into Networking Pros in the MLM Industry.
The Educational System consists of:
Tools: “Guide to Success” book, support CD’s and DVD’s.
Activities: Meetings, Central Meetings, Seminars, Rallys, Conventions.

INT’s vision:
Since the beginning we have been focused in offering our members with a real opportunity for personal growth and financial independence. We have it all based on team work, guided by universal principles and values that accompany us in all that we undertake.

Our plan is to make International Networkers Team the biggest organization in the history of Network Marketing. With an organizational culture oriented for results and based on edification.

We are many, we are one, we are one team…

4. A Top Management team of the highest caliber
David and Bianca Lisonbee (4Life founders) are people not only with a great vision but also with many, many years of experience in the MLM Industry and with a “heart of service”!
And that reflects in the Top management team.
4Life has an Executive Team of the highest caliber! People with great vision, with over 60 years of accumulated experience in the MLM Industry and a true “heart of service”!
4Life is all about “Together, Building People”!!!

(Pictured: David and Bianca Lisonbee)

5. Excellent recognition
Recognition is one of the most powerful tools there is!

4Life has received several important recognitions throughout the years:

* Ranked as one of the top 5 Best Companies in Network Marketing – MLM Insider;
* Ranked as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. 500 (within five years of operation, 4Life ranked as the 15th fastest-growing, privately-held company in the United States by Inc. 500 magazine);
* Numerous Noted articles in various health and medical publications.

6. Patented and proven products
With a unique immune system product and a rewarding direct sales model, 4Life is strategically positioned to continue in its rapid growth.
4Life’s scientific board (composed of physicians, biochemists, immunity experts, nutritionists, and more) provides a background of more than 200 (two hundred) combined years of research experience, numerous scientific trials, and successful product development.

In 1949 transfer factors were discovered by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. Since that time, thousands of studies have been completed involving the effect of transfer factors on various diseases.

Transfer Factors are a class of messenger molecules that provide valuable immune information to better help your immune system recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. These memory molecules are derived from colostrums—nature’s first supplement—and are the first nutrient you receive when you are born. Nature knows best what your body needs, and these products provide an effective level of health support unlike anything else.
A recent clinical study showed that 4Life Transfer products boost the production of the antibody IgA by an average of 73%. Another study revealed a 437% increase in the activity of Natural Killer cells.

Due to new studies conducted in Russia, the Russian Health Ministry has approved 4Life Transfer Factor and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus to be the first supplements used by doctors and hospitals in Russia.
Many of these studies and papers can be accessed through PubMed and other clinical study portals.

To learn more about 4Life products and to order them please click here:

7. Compensation Plan
Last but equally important, 4Life has an unbeatable Compensation Plan!
4Life provides the most balanced compensation program in the industry and balance is the key to success.
The benefits of the 4Life compensation plan make it one of the most rewarding and lucrative opportunities in the industry.
Our company has taken a revolutionary approach, paying a 25% fast start bonus with a permanent 25% second level bonus.
In our company, it only requires four purchasers to break-even instead of the traditional 10-15 purchasers. This approach will ensure a long-term residual income as well as access to an immediate income, allowing you to build your business with the profits that it generates, instead of with your paycheck, credit cards, or your savings. Our company has created a balanced pay plan that is fair and equitable.

4Life’s Compensation Plan has science behind it.
Industry professionals know that compensation plans with Dynamic Compression pay up to 300% more than those plans without it. 4Life’s Compensation plan has Dynamic Compression.
Most MLM companies “breakaway” when there’s a Distributor of equal position (same position as you). 4Life’s Compensation plan only “breaksaway” at the 3rd like position’s 4th level.

The benefits of the 4Life compensation plan make it one of the most rewarding and lucrative opportunities in the industry.
The following example will show just how simplistic and powerful the 4Life compensation plan can be, especially when compared to other opportunities in the industry (using 100 LP/PV/BV per distributor). This representation does not factor in various bonuses. 4Life Research has quite lucrative bonuses, but to be fair, we have also omitted 4Life's bonuses in this comparison.
The chart below represents an Individual’s income or commissions from 4Life with an organization of 20 distributors, excluding additional bonuses which 4Life offers.

Here's a Compensation Plan comparision payout chart that also speaks for itself:

At 4Life the money is on the Distributors side!!!

These are the 7 reasons “why 4Life”!
If you have a purpose in life, something great to fight for, your own dream to fulfill and you like to help others, this is not only the best available opportunity but also the best time to take it!
This is the best time for any of us to be "modern day pioneers", reach our dreams and at the same time make a difference in the life of other people around the World!

To join the 4Life business opportunity or to find out more about it just go to my company website at or send me an e-mail at

“Carpe Diem”!

JC Loureiro

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