Thursday, December 31, 2009

Business Growth during 2009

The business volume of my 4Life organization has been growing steadily since I joined the business back in November of 2008.
During 2009 we kept breaking new volume/sales records almost every month which was pretty incredible and surely was the result of us having and using the incredible INT (International Networkers team) Educational System, the hard work from the entire team and great mentorship and support from our uplines and GREAT mentors Carlos Rocha and Dr. Hermínio Nevarez!

This is also the result of the Global growth we’re witnessing at 4Life which results in a tremendous momentum Worldwide for the company and its Distributors!

Funny thing, back in July we broke a volume record in my organization and the Company Founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, posted in their blog that 4Life had its best sales month ever:

Guess what?
Later on in October we broke another sales record in my organization!
And in November we grew 19% from the previous month!!! WOW!!!

We’re getting very, very close to the “psychological” 100.000 LP’s (“Life Points” or volume points) mark of organizational volume which I’m sure we’ll reach very soon!

A bottle of French Champagne is already standing by in the freezer…
…My overall goal for my organization in 2010 and in terms of volume/sales is to reach the 300.000LP’s worth of volume by the end of next year.

Stay tuned!!!

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