Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Memorable Moments (late 2009)

I had some truly memorable moments in the last quarter of 2009!

Late October 2009 I was in Barcelona (Spain) for a memorable 4Life event with most of the Top Leaders in my organization from several countries.

(Picture with part of my INT Family and our GREAT Leader Carlos Rocha)

Overall, there were over 800 people in attendance of the event.
The atmosphere was very, very enthusiastic and every time we have a new event in Barcelona (where 4Life has its only company office in Europe so far) we clearly notice the growth from the previous one.

(The crowd was very, very enthusiastic)

This was a great opportunity to personally meet the Company Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee (I have met very few people in my entire life with such a heart of service and concern for making this World a better one) and also Top 4Life Chief Scientist Dr. Calvin McCausland.

(Myself with David and Bianca Lisonbee)

(Meeting Dr. Calvin McCausland)

Early December I headed out to Bonn (Germany) where I was the Special Guest at the 1st ever INT (International Networkers team) Central Meeting there.
I had two INCREDIBLE days with the German 4Life and INT family there!!!
The 4Life and INT spirit was present in every single moment.
It was great to be able to share and make a contribution!
I had the opportunity to tell everyone, I had an INCREDIBLE time and it surely was a pleasure and an honor for me to be able to share with the INT German family some of my experience and knowledge.

I do feel that my family surely has grown in Germany with more GREAT people!

(Picture with the German INT Family at the end of the event in Bonn)

It was indeed an honor being able to serve GREAT human beings like my friends and incredible Leaders Angels Muñoz and Eve Skelton, people with a true heart of service!
Something to remember forever!

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