Sunday, February 21, 2010

Starting 2010 with another record

We must celebrate all the good moments in life!!!
The cork popped out of the bottle of French Champagne as the business volume of my 4Life organization keeps growing and growing and we just hit another record!

We broke another sales record in my organization last November and we just did it again in January growing another 16.5% from the previous record month!!! WOW!!!

We completely flew by 100000 LP’s (“Life Points” or volume points) of organizational volume and We’re now aiming at the 250000 LP’s mark.

I have to repeat that this is only possible due to a fabulous company (4Life), it’s incredible Management, it’s unique and topnotch products, INT’s (International Networkers Team) work as a true family, INT’s top Educational System, our great Leaders and Mentors Carlos Rocha and Dr. Hermínio Nevarez, the excellent and hard team work of my entire 4Life Family (organization) and the great love, understanding and support of my wife Cristina and my two kids Mariana and Tomás!!!

We are on a true Mission to make this World a better place and if we can impact the life of one person our work was already worth it!!!
We keep on impacting people’s lives (with our products and our unique and amazing opportunity) around the World, that’s what we do!!!

How many people have you helped lately to improve (in many different aspects)?
How many people have you helped lately to believe in themselves?
How many people have you helped lately to start dreaming again?

This is what we do!!! We help people to work on/improve themselves, make a social contribution and, as a result, reach their dreams!!!

If you have a BIG DREAM you want to achieve, join us at and we’ll help you reach your dreams!!!

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