Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writing a new page in History

I frequently mention during my presentations that we aim at writing a new page in the history of mankind just like our incredibly visionary Portuguese ancestors did 500 years ago: going places no one had visited before and discovering new Worlds!
Just think about it for a second.
They did that against all odds and travelling to the unknown on nutshells.
As they had great vision, faith and commitment, they achieved great things as a team!

We at 4Life, at INT (International Networkers Team) and in particular in our team, have leadership with great vision, incredible faith and amazing commitment. This, along with our unique team work, results in more and more people’s lives being impacted by our products and opportunity around the World every day!
In our daily activities, we aim at impacting people’s lives one by one.
As a consequence, we keep on breaking volume records one after the other.
Last June we broke another all-time volume record and in July we grew 25% from June breaking another record in our organization!!!
This is truly amazing and we do have a great feeling that we’re just starting to write a new page in the History of mankind with this great project and INT’s support and Educational System which is based on Universal principles and values!!!

I firmly believe that as we serve others through the mission of “Together, Building People”, the world benefits from it and our organization experiences great blessings.
We're looking forward to many, many years of growth for 4Life around the World!

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