Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taking 4Life&INT to Africa and Africa to 4Life&INT

One of the great things about being involved with 4Life and INT (International Networkers Team) in particular is that you have family members all over the world.
Last April, I spent two weeks in Africa “Expanding the Vision”, as we heartily say at INT, and had the great opportunity to connect with some of our 4Life&INT family members in Africa (Angola where we had our 1st presentation ever, South Africa and Mozambique).
It’s wonderful to have the Leaders in these African Nations as part of our family.

I do feel we’re bringing 4Life&INT to Africa and at the same time we’re bringing Africa to 4Life&INT!
There’s a huge need for our opportunity in Africa and there’s also an incredible quality and potential in the people there!
I was impressed that many of the same dreams and desires unite all of us. No matter who you are or where you live, each of us wants to be healthy, enjoy a great lifestyle, and provide for the people we love.

4Life&INT are helping unite people from all over the world into a wonderful global family!

Below are some pictures from these events.

Our first ever opportunity meeting in Luanda (Angola)

One of our opportunity meetings in Maputo (Mozambique)

Another of our opportunity meetings in Maputo (Mozambique)

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  1. hi platino i wish you the best in your dream to help the beatiful country of africa ,im working my best to open the first meeting in MALAWI,but my situation and the miss comunication with 4life regarles to english app for new prospet ,is got in a litle unconfort .they says that we dont have office in africa or int office ,i truly need some one with the experince that help me with my prospet untill i made my first trip at my own, thanks and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ASWELL. My name is Elieser Rodriguez ph # 407 953 1084.