Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaky, Paul Zane Pilzer and You!

These well known experts say things like:
- “Network Marketing is the business model of the future”;
- “Most of the next millionaires are entrepreneurs in the Wellness industry and most will reach it through Network Marketing as they are best positioned”;
- “Many understood that Network Marketing is a new answer to a world that increasingly has less job safety. Network Marketing offers millions of people around the world the opportunity to take control of your life and your financial future”;
- “It is the most powerful and attractive model in the new economy”;

Back in the days our parents used to tell us: "Get a good education and go to work for a big corporation or for the Government. Get a secure job for life".
We all know that’s not there anymore.
In an ever changing world we have to think new thoughts and consider something, let’s say, “out of the box”.
There has been a paradigm shift in the marketplace and Network Marketing is clearly the way of the present and the future!
Network Marketing has been around for many years but has matured over the years and has now reached what I consider to be its best historical moment ever!
There’s a new generation of Network Marketers out there and we (at INT) are part of it!

Having a traditional business meant (to name just the most important aspects): high initial investment, facilities, dozens if not hundreds of employees, inventory, research, logistics, distribution and publicity costs.
Your revenue is based on the total sales volume and if you want to grow internationally you need to open new offices in each country.
That’s a thing of the 20th Century (picture bellow represents an early 20th Century factory).

We’re in the technology and knowledge era. We’re in the 21st Century.
Having a Network Marketing business means: opportunity is for everyone, small initial investment, you can work from your home, you build a Network where every member is an independent “business owner”, the operational costs (like research, inventory and logistics) are taken care of by the company.
Your ID (your unique identification given to you when you enroll) allows you (well, if you’re at 4Life…) to have a Global business without the headaches of having to open and run branch offices.
Last but not least, the publicity method used is the most effective one today (recommendation or also known as “word of mouth”).
In a research by the "Nielsen Global Online Consumer" with 25.000 Internet users from 50 countries:
- 90% of those who responded to the survey said they trust recommendations from people they know;
- while 70% trust the opinions of online consumers.

Network Marketing is as a "Solidarity Economy" in which anyone can succeed and I succeed if you succeed. You will succeed if the people you mentor and support also succeed and so on.

On top of this, we (International Networkers Team, aka INT) have a team of around half a million professionals worldwide willing to guide you and support you on your way to success.
This is done based on a proprietary Educational System based on principles and values.
INT has 11 years of experience and unprecedented results in the Industry and we’re on our way to become the “biggest team ever in the Network Marketing industry”!

It is time for you to “be the Captain of your soul”, to take charge of your life, to build the future you want for you and your family and to be a “21st Century Entrepreneur”!

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