Friday, November 4, 2011

Celebrating life!!!

Today I’m celebrating my 3rd anniversary with 4Life&INT and what a better way to do it then in Barcelona with my brother, Leader and Mentor Carlos Rocha and the 4Life&INT family in Barcelona (Spain)!!!

Today, I thank God for leading this incredible opportunity into my life. I was really looking for a change but didn’t know exactly what. God “showed me the light”.
I guess we can say: “be careful with what you wish for…”

I thank Carlos Rocha for inviting me in such an unusual way, for trusting me to be “the one in Portugal” without even knowing me and also for being such an incredible human being and such a tremendous and inspirational leader to me and the entire INT team in Portugal and the World.
Carlos, thank you for existing and bringing this life changing opportunity into my life and to the life of thousands of people around the World!!!
We are now family and I'll be thankful to you for the rest of my life for all you've done!

(My Leader and Mentor Carlos "Huracan" Rocha in action)

I thank all the friends that trusted me and jumped on this great business opportunity right away, "capturing the Vision" and moving forward in our team, and also the ones that took 3 years (the ones that are joining now after knowing about the project 3 years ago...) to realize this is real and that it works (the beauty of this business is that it's always a good time to start).
I thank all the new friends I’ve be making in 4Life&INT project for trusting common friends and also for joining.
We’ve all grown a lot and some of you are becoming tremendous leaders.
You are part of the 2% of the World Population that says "yes" to a great opportunity like ours, grabs it with faith, commitment and enthusiasm and makes things happen!
I learn something new from you every day.

I thank INT (International Networkers Team) and our Educational System.
I’ve never seen a team or organization like ours my entire life!
Hats off to Dr. Hermínio Nevarez for being such an inspirational Leader, guiding and mentoring thousands and thousands of people around the World to be "21st Century Entrepreneurs", to be truly free while becoming the best they can be, leading them to truly take charge of their lives and their future in their own hands!

I also thank the company (4Life) and the staff for all their continued and tremendous support making this possible for me and thousands and thousands of people around the World!

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family (my wife Cristina, my daughter Mariana and my son Tomás) for always being there for me, for their love, support, understanding and patience.
They make this dream possible for me and for many people around the World!

I feel that:
This is truly a unique project!
This is a project of a lifetime for me!
This is where my dreams and the dreams of thousands of people around the World will come true!
I do have to count my blessings every day!!!

Thank you, Thank you!!!

"Carpe Diem"

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  1. And some people say that it takes a long time for a life to be changed! For you it was just that couple of minutes it took You to decide. Could you imagine in that moment the fire You were about to start?
    Can't thank you enough JC. You're the best!