Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome the new and extraordinary

A new year just started and it’s time for the usual “New Year's Resolutions”.
I want this year of 2012 to be even better and more abundant at all levels that the year 2011.
It’s just as simple as this: for that to happen I need many new things and several new people to come into my life.

When we have a sense that we are not moving as fast as we would like in our lives it is necessary to empty our lives of some old things, maybe even some people, to create the necessary space for something new and extraordinary to enter our lives!
It all has to do with energy flow. It’s how the Universe works.

At the start of this year, I decided to go further and invested several hours of my time creating space, letting go, throwing out what I do not love and/or I do not need in my life. Getting rid of all that we hold "because one day it will be necessary" at the office, wardrobe and everywhere around the house.
In order for us to receive, first we must let go.
I am keeping only what pleases me, which I effectively love and/or know to be important in my life.

I am letting go of the old and obsolete, setting goals for 2012, preparing a plan of action and respective strategies.
Of course I’ll be also putting plenty of action into it (it is action that makes things happen).
I know that the universe will end up filling that newly open space wisely and in an excellent way!

Welcome the new and extraordinary in your life in 2012!

To your success!

JC Loureiro


  1. Boas José Carlos, tu tens toda a razão deste mundo e arredores e tens todas as ferramentas para conseguires todos esses objectivos, que assim seja. Quando estiveres em Philadelphia, dá um abraço a todos por mim, que a viagem vos corra a 1000%.

    Um grande abraço de nós, Nuno Gonçalves e familia

  2. Amigo Nuno obrigado pelo teu comentário.
    Todos temos essas ferramentas amigo, o êxito está dentro de nós!
    Falamos melhor na RC de Lisboa e espero ver-te também em Philadelphia!
    Grande abraço e votos de um abundante ano de 2012 a todos os níveis!
    JC Loureiro