Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Passport to Freedom" (4Life Convention): day 1

The "Passport to Freedom" 4Life Convention started today, April 18th 2012, in Philadelphia, PA with thousands of Distributors attending from all over the World.

My day started with a privileged presence on the 7th "Global Team" (INT) meeting during the day.
Learning from and being together with such amazing human beings and top leaders (the very best in the Network Marketing Industry) is a unique and priceless experience!
Today's meeting was surely a memorable learning and sharing experince for all of those present.
New tools were announced and made available, new and important information was supplied and also "top notch" training was provided.
A new business cycle will start next monday (right after this Convention is over) and it will last until the next Convention. Big, huge things are coming our way...and we're prepared!

(picture above: Dr. Hermínio Nevarez during his morning training at the "Global Team" meeting)

At night we had the "Freedom Festival Opening Party", with lots of fun and people from all over the World celebrating the start of the 4Life Convention.
Lots of great energy in the room. We experienced a festival of culture, tradition, entertainment, food and freedom!

(picture above: thousands of Distributors from around the World celebrate at the opening party)

(picture above: Leaders from Portugal celebrate with Leaders from Latin America)

Today, I declared my independence from everything that was keeping me from achieving my dreams.
I am commited to build a legacy of freedom that I can pass on to my family-a life of more choices, travel, unrivaled health, fulfillment and happiness.

And you, have you declared your freedom?

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