Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Passport to Freedom" (4Life Convention): day 2

Day 2 of the "Passport to Freedom" 4Life Convention was a blast!
More than 8,000 people are in attendance from 74 different countries! WOW!!!

We started the day with a 4Life Corporative presentation.
Results for both the year 2011 and for the 1st quarter of 2012 are absolutely amazing all over the World and have resulted in another all-time sales record last month (March 2012), in 7 new Gold International Diamonds (2nd highest level of achievement at 4Life) and 1 Platinum International Diamond (highest level of achievement at 4Life) and in 4Life being considered the 45th company overall in the Network Marketing Industry (year before was 62nd)!
At this rate, we know that within 5 years 4Life will be in the top25 and within 10 years within the top 5!!!
Excellent results and growth, specially when we have to consider that 4Life is much younger in age than other major companies in Newtwork Marketing!

(pictured above: over 8,000 people from 74 countries in attendance at the 4Life Convention)

(pictured above: Venezuela's last month results, an example of 4Life's growth around the World)

New products were officially relesead during the morning.
Harvard Business School says that for a Network Marketing business to be excellent it needs unique, exclusive, high-quality products and we have all that.
New products launched today are: VISTA, an exclusive and unique 4Life product for eye health and a new version of "ENERGY" (the most amazing energy product) in a Berry flavor.

(picture: new product launch today at the Convention)

Luch time was memorable as we had the opportunity to have a Business Luncheon with the great Stephen M. R. Covey with the theme "Speed of Trust".
What an incredible learning experience and a memorable moment for all of us present!

(pictured above: Mr. Steven M. R. Covey during his fabulous training)

During the afternoon we had a Platinums vs. Executives Basketball game, a Fundraiser event.
The Distributors team beat the Executive team...but the winners are the children that will benefit from the funds that we raised today.

(pictured above: the Fundraiser basketball game)

We finished the day in great style, with an International Networkers Team (INT) Rally.
We had training from some of the top Leaders at INT and we celebrated success and our 12th anniversary!
At the end of the Rally, the new INT Convention was announced: Auditorio Nacional de México nos dias 5 e 6 de Abril de 2013!

(pictured above: the recognition of the new members of the "1 Million Club", leaders with volume in excess of 1 Million LP's per month)

Today was the reassurence that we do have the greatest opportunity (company, products, team and educational system) that ever existed in the history of Network Marketing Industry in our hands!!!
We are prepared for another business cycle (business cycles in Network Marketing go from one Convention to the next and so on...) of unprecedented growth both in our team and our company towards that goal of 1 Billion USD worth of revenue for the company in the next couple of years!
We will do it!

The World needs solutions, positive people, people that move forward.
The World needs us and we are the solution!

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