Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Passport to Freedom" (4Life Convention): day 3

We started day 3 of the "Passport to Freedom" Convention with a INT team (our team) photo.
People say "one picture is worth 1,000 words" so here's the picture where one can see that the large majority of distributors at the 4Life Convention in Philadelphia were INT members.

(Pictured above: International Networkers Team Convention photo)

"Success Rally" was held during the morning with some of the top world leaders on stage.
Great and inspiring words and strategies to make our businesses grow were passed on to the Distributors.
We are very lucky and privileged to be able to learn from such oustanding leaders!

(Pictured above: Gold International Diamond Jeanny Serra on stage during her presentation)

Just before lunch we took an historical team photo with the leaders from our organization that were present at the Convention.

(Pictured above: our organization "team photo")

The afternoon started with the "Health Sciences Advisory Board Workshops" where we had the unique opportunity of learning more about "Transfer Factors" and our incredible products directly from 4Life Scientists. Unique!

We closed "day 3" celebrating success at the "Recognition Gala" late in the afternoon.
Incredible number of leaders from our organization and from several countries as "Diamonds", "Presidential Diamonds" and "International Diamonds"!

(Pictured above: Our "Diamonds" from Portugal present at the event)

(Pictured above: Our "Diamonds", Abel and Penina, from Mozambique present at the event)

(Pictured above: Our "Diamonds", Nivaldo and Bruna, from Brazil present at the event)

(Pictured above: Our "Presidential Diamonds" present at the event on stage being recognized)

(Pictured above: Our "International Diamonds" present at the event ready to go on stage)

(Pictured above: Leaders from our organization celebrating with INT Founders and our Mentors Dr. Hermínio Nevarez and Yadira Olivo at the end of the "Recognition Gala")

So proud to see the Portuguese flag on stage so many times and how committed and positive people from a small, but brave, country is showing to the World that "yes, we can"!
Our moto: "From Portugal to the World"!!!

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