Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Passport to Freedom" (4Life Convention): day 4

Day 4 and last day of the Convention was truly "the cherry on top of the cake" and started with keynote speaker J.R. Martinez, who won the 13th season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and was featured on the November 7, 2011 cover of People magazine.

In 2003, J.R. was severely burned after a Humvee explosion during a military deployment in Iraq but says it was a change for the better. “I went from fighting for my life to helping inspire others to fight for their own. I'm extremely grateful for that day because it led me into this life. I am living the American dream.”

What an inspiration J.R.'s story was to all of us present at the event!

(Pictured above: J.R. Martinez on stage)

The afternoon started with 4Life prize giveaway in which the company distributed 100,000USD in prizes. Among those prizes there were 15 X 5,000USD prizes.
Our organization brought home two prizes: great friends and Diamonds Martha Silva and Elvira Farinha won 500USD and 5,000USD respectively.
What a nice way to end the Convention!

(Pictured above: great friend and leader Elvira Farinha won a 5,000USD prize...look at that big smile of hers)

The afternoon session ended with the 5th and last "General Session" with Diamond International Platinums Juan Rosado, Damaris Zapata, Yadira Olivo and Dr. Hermínio Nevarez.
"Slavery is so much easier, Freedom requires responsibility!" (Dr. Hermínio Nevarez)
"To be free is to have the time and money to do what we want to do!" (Dr. Hermínio Nevarez)

(Pictured above: INT Founder and our great leader and mentor Dr. Hermínio Nevarez during his speech)

During an interview with ABC Action News 6 reporter Katherine Scott, Steve Tew (4life President) was asked why 4Life chose Philadelphia as a location for its international convention.
His response: “Our theme for the event is Passport to Freedom. We felt there is no better city in the world that resonates freedom than the city of Philadelphia.”

At this Convention we have declared our Independence (we even had the "Liberty Bell" on stage at the end to symbolize the importance of the event to all of us)!
Declare yours today!!!

(Pictured above: 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee along with 4Life President Steve Tew at the closing ceremony and "Declaring our Independence") 

(Pictured above: great friends and leaders Hélder Medeiros and Tânia Mendes after having declared and signed their Independence)

(Pictured above: great friends and leaders Leandra Camacho and Gonçalo Pimenta after having declared and signed their Independence)

(Pictured above: Myself and my great friend, mentor and leader Carlos Rocha signing my "Declaration of Independence" the morning after the Convention was over)

Last week, I declared my independence from everything that was keeping me from achieving my dreams.
I am commited to build a legacy of freedom that I can pass on to my family-a life of more choices, travel, unrivaled health, fulfillment and happiness.

Declare your Independence today!

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